Seeking Advices on Atomstack m50 50W Laser Module

Hey everyone,

I just saw this fairly new module on the market and wanted to know whether it is as good as advertised (please note i’m only reffering to the Laser Module and not the machine).

I’m looking for some reviews of it, whether it is durable and of course, whether the 10W optical power does its job. Is it far superior compared to an Ortur 20W module :

  • in matter of focus / precision ?
  • in matter of cutting / engraving performance ?
  • in matter of durability ?

You see, I currently have an Ortur Laser Master II machine with a 20W module, but if the m50 is worth it, I might upgrade to this module instead. Since it is rather costly, i would like to know if someone could share their experience with it because those found elswhere on internet are rather scarce or not very reassuring when they talk about the machine ; but what about the module itself ?

Thanks in advance !

First laser I bought was AtomStack. I still have it until it dies. DO NOT BUY AN ATOMSTACK

I cannot comment on the Ortur. What optical power output is it?

The Atomstack M50 is very good as an upgrade to the 20W Atomstack module. It is genuinely twice as powerful and the beam is narrower and better focussed.

I’ve only used it about 10 times in the last 2 weeks since it arrived, but it appears to be well built and can be run at 80% power, so less chance of it overdriving and burning out.

I am serious when I ask this… are you a Chinese Atom Stack Shill? I am pretty sure they are on a weird off branch of the same company that sells the NEJE brand.

Not totally sure what you mean? I bought one of the modules and I have no connection with the company. I am just a user of their products!

Totally not a shill reply. Shenzen etc are based out of a place near Hong Kong and I gotta say that there a lots of shifty “companies” from there.
Atom Stack has been a serious let down for me and while my story
is anecdotal, the rest is not. Shenzhen - Wikipedia

First laser I bought was AtomStack. I still have it until it dies. DO NOT BUY AN ATOMSTACK

Sorry but i don’t understand, this sentence doesn’t make any sense. “I still have it until it dies” → so ok it’s durable since you’re still using it, so why you then go with “do not buy” ?
Could you please explain the exact reasons why you don’t recommand this particular module ?

I’ve documented my issues with it many times. I cannot return it so yeah, I will use it until it dies, why would I just throw it away?

Reasons I would never buy AtomStack again:

Poorly made. First day the head adjustment nut stripped. There are no concentric cam screws to help with the adjustment of the axis. The motherboard can only be written to X number times of before it will kill it. There’s a nozzle on the main body that’s pressed on so you cannot change the lens if you’d like.

Support: Lmfao do I need to expand on this?

They are one of many “fly by night” companies that just buy the cheapest parts they can, assemble them and fold when they no longer are making profit. Their newest model uses the NEJE (if that’s even a real company) dual diode model.

For about the same price or just a bit more you can get better models. Ortur or Jtech. At least Ortur hangs out in the forum and provides support. I thought I had done my homework prior to buying my AtomStack but it was all just slick marketing where they sent freebies to youtubers who propped up the products.

Need I say more?

The module itself is likely just a cheap NEJE clone or worse. While the module works it’s not the best. You’re better off buying a module from a more reputable company.

Just my two cents.

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So far as I can see, Jtech are a small manufacturer utilising 3D printed enclosures and the same diode assemblies as everyone else. I would suggest they are just a likely to disappear as any Chinese company.

Ortur are without doubt a better product - being a generation ahead of Atomstack, but the purchase cost is significantly higher.

Pays your money…

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Thank you guys for the replies.

I own an Ortur Laser Master II and i just wanted to know whether i’d be a good idea to upgrade its module. By reading your comments, the Atomstack doesn’t seem to be a wise choice in regards to quality/durability.
I’ll keep on looking for a possible module upgrade (but if you have any suggestions please do tell !)

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of laser modules out there, the NEJE style ones get some complaints as it’s easy to get out of alignment etc.

I was looking for something else a while back and came across this product. I know NOTHING about it so I’d proceed with caution.

Hmm. Thanks for the info.
All right so i totally ditched the idea of the Atomstack. I went instead for a Neje A40640 module and the results are astounding. Extremely precise (square dot, in opposition to the rectangular one we have on other modules), and powerful (15W output).

I had to 3D print a Z-Axis & adapter in order to fit it onto my OLM2 but other than that, it’s plug 'n play.

Now i have a wobbling problem which i’ll post in the Ortur Section because i think it has to do with the OLM2 machine which isn’t really made to have a Z-Axis. If there is no solution then i’ll ugrade to an OLM2 Pro, which might fix this thing.

Anyway, thanks again for your good advises :slight_smile:

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Dont by a chinese laser, they are not worth the money and they are incorrectly advertised and people are getting what they think is a 40 watt laser when in reality you will be lucky if its is 3 or 4 watts of real power.

there are only a few companies outside of china, I dont know where you are, they are a couple in the US and a couple in europe worth talking about and they guarantee their products for life.

I dont know if I can name them here but if you google for them you will find them, look for Russia, Europe, Poland & America. and you should be able to track the companies down.

The CNC gantry for a cnc laser will cost you around 100 euros off fleabay for a A3 cutting size, the money is in the laser head and its optics so that is where you want to spend your money and nothing from china, ever.

You will be easily able to buy a really good 10 watt laser for around 350 to 450 dollars plus the cost of the gantry and you will not have any problems. you have the right software your just looking at the wrong products.

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it seems odd that you say “there are only a few companies outside of china, I dont know where you are, they are a couple in the US and a couple in europe worth talking about and they guarantee their products for life.” but can’t name them.


My thoughts precisely :smiley:
We talk of Ortur, Neje, Atomstack ; naming brands is obviously allowed…

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Ken I dont know if I am allowed to name suppliers on here, If I am I will add the names up and pop them on the post, they are easy enough to find though with a little googling.

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Ohhh, that will interest me a lot too. Here in the forum there are no restrictions to mention a good supplier (or for this reason also a bad one). Try to name only 3 manufacturers who supply diodes to soho market in europe or usa, thank you.

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