Select Mode Tagging and Use of cursor Keys

First I want to say I am A wildly loyal Lightburn User… This is by far the best software for lasers Bar None!
As to my request and suggestion: I am interested in consistency of feature use in the various edit modes. In this case the ability to use cursor control like you can in Node edit mode.
if the feature i am asking for already exists in a form i am not aware of I do apologize.
When using the "Select Mode " I would like to have the ability (Like in Node Edit mode) to select a handle (the squares surrounding the selected object) have it turn orange to indicate it is active. then be able to use the cursor keys to more precisely move that Handle in the available directions.
If you need me to show a screen shot please let me know. I thought this was a pretty straight forward request. Thanks for your consideration.

Might be helpful for further discussion. Then you should use the Suggestion Site [← click], search first as to not duplicate any current entry, and put this up there.

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