Select open shapes not working?

Hi folks,
I have a project I created through the use of a bunch of boolean operations. Somehow, some pesky unclosed shape got created. I don’t see it, I can’t find it, and I get a warning every time I preview or cut. Fortunately, we have the fancy, “Select Open Shapes Set to Fill” option which should obviate the problem. Problem is, it doesn’t seem to actually do anything :frowning: I’m likely doing something wrong, but after futzing with it for a few minutes I decided I’d come ask the experts!

Screenshot of the project (yes, I stole the idea from that imgur post everyone saw a few weeks back)

When I click, “Preview”

This is the menu option that should make obvious what shape is to blame:

Nothing appears selected after following those steps. Even more odd is that it cuts properly, everything’s there, and there’s otherwise no problems.

Machine is a 65W Bosslaser LS-1416 with a Ruida RDC-6442, 400x350 mm bed, home upper-right. Source file attached for convenience.

lodge chore wheel.lbrn (45.8 KB)

Notice that the green-dot origin isn’t along the left edge of your file? Do a drag-select over there on that side and you’ll snag the ellipse in the file with a zero width. You can delete it, and I’ll put something in LightBurn to catch those.


You have a strange artifact in your file. Selected to show where it’s at. Basically, I deleted everything in the file, and the origin mark went to this location. I can select it, but can’t see it. If I delete that, the error goes away. For some reason, it doesn’t select with the Select open shapes, butt that’s where the issue is.

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It’s an ellipse with a zero radius, so it produces a single vertex when converted to paths (which in itself is technically a bug - it should return nothing)

Since an ellipse is always technically a closed shape, the ‘select open shapes’ code misses it.

Wow, I actually found a bona fide bug. I was convinced I was just doing something wrong.

Thanks for helping me identify the shape causing this. I’ve since eliminated it and the warning has gone away.

Off-topic: Steve, what did you do to get the layout window to fill shapes like that instead of draw outlines like in my screenshot? I could definitely find that useful sometimes …


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I don’t recommend leaving filled rendering on for extended periods - It’s significantly slower, and if you’re trying to draw lines they won’t show up until the shape is closed.

No, for the general use case i think wireframe is what I want. This is more of a real-time preview when I move completed shapes around and I’m not immediately sure what it’ll do on a fill layer.

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