Selecting a complete single layer

Hopefully I’m just missing the setting.
I have a 2 layer project and want to select everything on a single layer to change it from C00 to C02. On the cuts layers tab I select no output and no show for the layer I do not want to select. When I select all visible lines with either RH to LH arrow select or LH to RH select when I change it to the C02 layer it changes both layers. Am I missing something?

C02 is my cut layer and this imported with it on the C00

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You can select all shapes on a single layer several ways. You can Shift-click the layer in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window, you could also do this from the menu, ‘Edit’–>‘Select all shapes in current cut layer’, and you should be able to use drag-select with the undesired layers set to hide. :slight_smile:

What version of LightBurn are you using?

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Thanks I missed the setting in the edit tab. The drag to select selects both layers for me for some reason.

Version 1.1.03

I found the problem with the drag to select on this project.
Layer C01 was all grouped together and had a single piece of layer C00 grouped with it. Whenever I turned off layer C01 to not show and no output it still grabbed all layers with the drag to select.

Almost finished product if anyone’s interested in outcome.


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