Selecting all shapes in a layer

Hello, I used to use RD Works, but now I like LightBurn very much. But there is one functionality that I don’t find in LightBurn. Can I select all the items of a layer? If I want to delete only the elements of a layer or change the color of all the elements of one layer (and I can’t select them because they are a lot and are mixed with shapes of other layers).

Yes, you can Shift-click the color in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window, or you can also do this from the menu selecting ‘Edit’→’Select all shapes in current layer’.

Tip: You can turn ‘Show’ Off (red), removing that layer from rendering in the workspace, to help with challenging selections along with other tricks. :wink: Zooming, Panning, Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation

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