Selecting cutting / engraving from imported immage

I am trying to isolate an imported figure by cutting the profile while maintaining the engraving. Similar to infil. How is this done with Lightburn? I have traced and broken down to vectors without much success. So i must be missing something in the process.
Alf East

having a photo or screen capture of your current job would help.

the idea is :

  • you import the image, so it is one layer. this layer shall be set on “image” to engrave.

  • you “trace” the image

  • you now have 2 objects : 1 image, and 1 vector which is on a new layer, which is set to “line”

  • moving the traced part and changed the color to be more explicit

if i want to keep only the outer part, i will have to edit the violet figure, and remove all inside nodes. this has to be done manually.

As it is a bit more in detail than that. I have attached a file in lightburn for you to view.
it would appear that the answer is to assume the traced file and all vectors are in line mode. Then change all vectors to cut perameters. Then change the vectors to line and fill.where required leaving the necessary cut vectors as profiles. ??
bigfishhalfdone.lbrn2 (281.0 KB)

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