Selecting Objects - Filled Rendering

LightBurn provides several options for selecting things. If the object is an image, you can click anywhere within the image. If the object is vectors, you have to click on one of the lines. Since you said “now I have to click on the edge” I suspect you’re running the system in In ‘Filled Rendering’ mode, you have to actually click a shape boundary because the filled regions aren’t always definitive:

Here, we’ve just drawn a bunch of circles and overlapped them. If you click the filled “triangle” in the middle of the triad, which shape should be selected? Same question for the ‘O’ on the side - If you click the solid area, we have no idea whether you meant to select the inner or outer ring, because these are all independent objects that can be dragged around. Clicking on an actual curve / line / boundary is not ambiguous, so that’s why it is the way it is.

Filled Rendering mode is meant more for spot-checking than general use. It’s considerably slower than wire rendering, and it can obscure things when shapes get hidden behind filled layers, so we recommend using wireframe for normal use.

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