Selecting Objects in a layer

How does one select objects in just a single layer?

To clarify, I have about 880 objects arranged in a grid. 240 of them are squares as one layer and 240 are Numbers inside the squares as another layer. What I am trying to do is select half of the squares to set them to being a different layer without selecting the numbers inside of the squares.

Is there a way to drag select objects in just one later at a time?

Welcome and thank you. :slight_smile:

LightBurn provides various selection options, yes. If you hold the Shift key when clicking on a Layer in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window, this will select everything on a single layer. You can turn off the display of any layer, allowing you to select the items you’d like without having to deal with those items not shown on the other layers. Below, I share a new video we just released that goes into the selection options in greater detail.

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Use your laser window options. Turn off the SHOW button in the cuts/layer window, for the layer that you don’t want to manipulate.

Then you are free to drag a box around the part for the master layer of boxes that you want to put on a different layer.

I read your request that you want to grab 1/2 the screen to change the layer to green from red, while leaving the contents of those boxes on blue layer. I am wrong a few times a day. A photo or even better, the lightburn project file would really help explain what you want to achieve.

The last step would be to re-enable the SHOW button when done.

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