Selecting the Start and resume of job

Hi! When I do long engraving, more than 12 hours, I need to stop it for the night, I resent letting it alone all night. But if I click on pause, the ventilation goes on all night, so I stop it.
My question is: is there a way to save the last place the engraver was, for him to rebegin at this same point ?
Thanks !

You can advantageously use “start here” in the preview window, it actually works quite excellently.

There isn’t a way to save the exact position if you stop the job, because the controller does not tell me exactly which line was being executed at the time it was stopped, and there is a buffer of commands in the controller, and that buffer holds a specific amount of GCode characters, but not an exact “number of commands” - the commands vary in length.

Thanks for the tips. The “start here” button worked very well !

I’m glad to hear that. :+1:

I noticed something very problematic: when the laser reaches a limit, or even et a centimeter from its limit, it bumps and it changes all the marks I made, all the settings I just created. Do you know if it’s a problem with Ortur, or am In doing something wrong ?

It sounds like you either have a physical problem, but more like you have some parameters in your machine setup that are not correct.
I would recommend asking specifically in the Ortur “department” here in the forum, I wonder if there are people who have had a similar problem? Ortur Service also looks in here once in a while, there should probably be a solution for you.

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