Send Button Missing for Snapmaker Ray 40W

Hopping on the Lightburn bandwagon as the Snapmaker software is… barely passable and the final straw was my material test grid project was blue screening my machine (and laptop).

I’m noticing in tutorials and other screenshots that there is a “Send” button to send the job to the laser (and not start it). This is similar to how the Snapmaker software functions - I send the job to the laser over the network (it’s in the garage, not directly connected to a PC) then I can manage the job directly from the device and, if necessary, repeat the job without needing to touch the software, even between power cycles of the laser.

Looking through the forums I’m seeing a similar post from someone that has a laser that doesn’t support this functionality, but since the Ray does, I’d like to enable this button but I can’t find anything in the Settings or the lbdev file (from this forum). Any guidance would be appreciated as operating the laser from this computer is a non-starter as it’s nowhere near close enough to the laser for framing or even running a job as, in my experience, my fires are usually pretty evident at the beginning of a project due to incorrect laser settings…

In the Screen Captures you’re seeing, is the Laser window visible and do you see Ruida as the device profile?

Early GRBL controllers had little onboard memory so GCode was streamed.

If I’m remembering correctly @JoeSpanier mentioned something about sending the GCode file in advance so modern controllers could have the job in memory or on an SD card. I’m not seeing it in Fider (our feature request site) so I’m hoping he chimes in.

The Send button is only currently available on DSP controllers like the Ruida and Trocen.

We do have a project in the works to enable this for G-Code but because of the wide variety of controllers and ways the manufacturers have implementent them, including snapmaker, it will be a bit before this is released. Likely a version or 2 away.

In the mean time to replicate this the work around would be to save the gcode out using the Save G-Code button below start and move it to your controllers SD card using your preferred method.

I understand this feels clunky and it’s the biggest reason I am championing the Send function for G-Code machines.

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