Sending files to DSP controller so don't have to have PC connected while running

Hi all, I currently use lightburn for both my GRBL based diode lasers and also have a heavily modified K40 laser that I have converted to a Trocen AWC DSP. I want to get the DSP license for lightburn to make it easier than having to use multiple programs. Currently I use Lasercad for the K40 DSP and have the controller hooked to my home network so when I am ready to run a file, I download it from Lasercad from my PC in the house, over my network, to the K40 out in the shop. My question is if I use Lightburn, can I do the same thing as I do now or does using Lightburn mean I will have to have my computer physically connected to the DSP controller?

I’m not very familiar with Trocen controllers but LightBurn does have an Ethernet port type for Trocen. I assume this means that you should be able to send jobs to Trocen without being directly connected. Sounds like your laser is already on the network.

However, your workflow sounds like it’s going to be reversed. LightBurn will be a push model where you’re sending jobs to the laser from LightBurn. Sounds like you’re using a pull model today pulling from a network share.

Alternatively you could simply save UD5 files to wherever you’re storing Lasercad files today. Then use the same pull model to pickup those UD5 files for running.

Think you got me on the right track. Using Lightburn with the 2 diode lasers I have requires me to have my computer connected via usb to the controllers and ties up my computer while running those lasers. Lasercad saves files in UD5 so I could put them on a usb stick and insert the stick into the Trocen and pull from there or I can send the files over ethernet direct to the machine from my PC. If the DSP version of Lightburn has ethernet port for trocen and can save files as UD5 then I should have the same abilities as I do now with Lasercad.

Yes. Based on your description you should be able to do all the same things as you are doing today, but using LightBurn instead of Lasercad.

My AWC708C controller has an Ethernet port that’s connected to a bridge router that’s connected to my home network(wireless). I just send the file directly to the controller from Lightburn and run it from the controller. I can also control the laser from LB. So computer is not connected and I don’t use memory sticks.

That is ‘virtually’ how I do it… I have a Ruida and the computers in my room, the laser in the garage.

You would use the ‘send’ button, not the ‘play’ button…

If you can do it on the machine with other software then Lightburn can do it.

Good luck


Your Ruida is separate from the laser? I’m guessing this is mistyped?

Thanks for the response! Will be updating my license to DSP.

Thanks for the reply!

Also thanks for the notation to use send button.

Thanks again for your help. Looking forward to eliminating the need to set files up for 2 sets of software depending on which laser I use.

I have the same DSP and bridge wireless setup to my network.

Yep, the Ruida lives at the bottom of the chassis in the electronics cabinet and the tubes in the top of the chassis… :crazy_face:


I would think the ‘free trail’ would allow this.

Not much point of a ‘free trial’ is you can’t connect to the Ruida during the trial period…


I didn’t want to try and install the trial version on my computer because I already have an active copy on here. Wasn’t sure if it would mess up my active version or not.

Good question for support… I’m sure they would let you ‘evaluate’ a dsp controller…


There is a way to do this.

When you’re ready and can afford to be without your licence for up to 24 hours…
(it will probably happen faster - I don’t want to create panic if it’s not immediate)

Compose an e-mail to
Copy the link from this thread into your e-mail.
Click the HELP menu (Furthest Right on the top bar) in LightBurn.
Wheel down that menu and click Licence Management.
Click ‘Deactivate Licence’
LightBurn will close
Restart Lightburn
Click the HELP menu in LightBurn again.
Wheel down that menu and click Licence Management -
Click the Extend Trial button.
LightBurn Grumps at you and tells you there’s a problem and you have to email Support.

The Trial ID is visible and it’s automatically copied to your clipboard.

Paste the Trial ID number into the email you’re sending to support as well.

Request a Trial Extension to test your DSP device.

Thank the nice person at the receiving end of the email as sometimes their days are hard and they might be having a bad day.

Close LightBurn and wait - you should get an email response telling you that it’s done.

Start LightBurn and your trial will be ready to test the DSP device. When your trial expires you can re-enter your licence key and go back to your G-Code licence or you can upgrade to the DSP licence.

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