Sending Large Files to RUIDA

Hi, simple software question (I think). Is there a way to tell the controller not to start untill the full file has been transfer?

Just to clarify, I mean when starting from lightburn directly using the start arrow.


Hold down shift when clicking Send instead of Start. It will send the full file to the Ruida and then immediately tell it to start.
If it comes up with the dialog asking for the filename you can let go of shift at that point - you only need to be holding it when initially clicking Send.
The major difference here is that, unlike using the Start button, it does actually send and save the entire file to the Ruida and you’ll be able to recall it later. Using the temporary file mode that Start uses there’s no way to have the Ruida not also start running it immediately so this was the workaround we came up with.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the information. If there is no way doing it without storing tha file in the controller thats good to know. I just dont do it that way i just use the start. My problem is that i allways remember to do something once i press start (i know is my fault :man_facepalming:) and at that point i cannot press or use the stop.

If i could use the stop button in the middle of the “file sending” (after the engrave stars) it would be great.

Thanks for the info.

I think once the Ruida starts running a job, it ignores any input from anything, except the ‘pause’ key and then only ‘esc’ to abort the job.


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