Sending .rd file to ruida 6442 via tcp - please help

Hi “lightburners”,

Lightburn is able to send/control Ruida via network/tcp …

So, they must know how to deal with this ruida stuff.

Is there anyone around here, who can help me sending .rd files via php-script to the ruida controller, and/or control them?

I use lightburn, but i think lightburn also generate .rd files to send them to the ruida.

I do small production jobs for customers and i want to code a web-form, which shows all cut jobs. i want click on a cut-job and the required rd.file should be send to the controller.

Any help available? thanks

cheers thomas

honestly I do not think you will get that information since some people here did invest loads of money and time figuring out the protocol. However on the web you can find some info you could start with.

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yes, there are some python snippets on github but my python skills are nearly zero…

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