Sending the laser to a point for registration alignment

I am wanting to do some cuts that would require lining up a pair of registration marks. Is there a way to send the laser head to a specific point via LightBurn?

Basically I want to send it to the location of the first registration mark, align that registration mark on the workpiece, then send it to the 2nd mark, then adjust the workpiece so that registration mark is aligned.

I would probably need to repeat this process a couple times to get it lined up.

Is there a option in lightburn that would allow this? The closest I can come is going to the origin, but that isn’t quite enough because you can only set the origin to a few predetermined places that might not align with the registration marks.

You can save a location and have LightBurn move to these saved locations upon command.

You can also use the ‘Set laser position’ tool to click on a location on the workspace to have the laser head move to that location as well.


We also offer our Camera support for this exact reason. It was designed to assist with material alignment.

Awesome, thanks, this is just what I was looking for! Don’t know how I missed it.

In most cases, we offer a couple of ways to approach and accomplish one’s goals. :slight_smile:

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