Seneng sf1390 Ruida 100W - Test pulse good - engrave power seems low

We installed Lightburn on a chinese Seneng sf1390 when we do the pulse when you align we have a great burst of power, but when we do a job at 90% we barely get a burn any idea what settings I may be missing? Thanks so much for your help, Jay

It is using the Radia also

Hi guys I have a 100w chinese also, the pulse will set your hair on fire, I go to cut or to fill and it barley gives me a burn, I went as far back as the first mirror out of laser with a piece of tape and barley get burn on the tape when I start even at 90% have I screwed up a setting somewhere that you can think of? Thanks for any help,

I’m at the point of thinking my Rudia main box is messed up, have a blinking light on the first light in CN5 and the second light is solid.

Hi, I’ve gathered your posts here so your request can get the attention it deserves.

A picture of the controller including the model number (of the controller) may be a great place to start.

If you are talking about this one, led 15, it should be illuminated at all times the Ruida has power. It indicates there is 5V present.


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Thank you, I do have the laser firing correctly now, I swear for the life of me I cannot get a shot from M1 to M2 anywhere on the tape on M2 to match up?

What was the problem?

It helps others if you can complete the thread… since they probably found their way here from the title.

Move m2 to it’s maximum distance from m1. Can you adjust m1 to hit m2 with the beam?

If you can hit m2, move m2 to it’s closest proximity to m1 and mark again… post a photo of this or what you get


I’ve been back to the basics, I thought, I had an assistant changing everything this time one thing was not enough water in the chiller, they didn’t understand the tube requires a lot in it also, 2nd when the head was changed out the lens we screwed up higher in the head that it should have been, dropped it down everything came into focus, this has happened in the last hour, thank you guys so much for all your help, hope I can return the favor in not drastic of a way…lol