Separate Kerf compensation for x and y?

I went looking for this feature, but a small search didn’t give me anything recent. My laser is fairly cheap and has an oval beam. It’s really slight, but enough to mess up tolerances on some interlocking pieces.

Is there a way to set the kerf compensation independently for each axis? My gut tells me no, but I thought I would ask regardless.

No, there isn’t. It wouldn’t likely help, because you’d need to make sure your laser was perfectly axis aligned, and not slightly diagonal, for that to work properly, and the library we use for offsetting doesn’t allow for directional differences anyway.

Hmmm ok, that’s interesting. Thanks for the response. Do you think the problem could be caused by the nozzle not being squared to the bed?

(my machine is elsewhere or I would check right now :/)

Your profile says you have a 100w laser, which means it isn’t a diode laser. A CO2 laser should not be generating a rectangular beam. You have a problem with the output mirror of the laser tube or have debris or other obstructions along the beam path. If you fire a pulse at the first mirror with a target paper in place, do you get a circular burn spot?

I’ve seen images someone took of a back-flashed mirror on the laser output. Somehow, the laser reflected into the tube and burned a portion of the laser tube. I can’t find it now, of course, the brain cells resist time travel of this nature.

You could also have a bad alignment from mirror 3 to the bed, causing the laser to bounce off the inside of the nozzle tube.

I get circles from all 3 mirror, then the beam goes through the lens and then I get an oval. it’s super weird. The original mirrors that came with the machines were pretty bad and gave me ovals from mirrors 1 and 3. Replacing them with better quality mirrors gave me circles on all the mirror reflections. So I suspect it is probably a crap lens. I’ve checked and rechecked the alignment over the last month or so while trying to get the machine into a working state, it’s been a bit of work.

Thanks for the response, though!