Set auto-focus during cutting

Hi. I’ve been unable to find this topic it in the forum, but is it possible to get the LightBurn or the controller (Ruida 644XG) to redo auto-focus during cutting/graving at certain points? I am having problems cutting through sheets that are not even (tend to warp) so adding refocus points before each layer would be quite useful. I am not sure how to solve that issue. Thanks.

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It is not possible, no. The auto-focus command isn’t valid when inserted into a job file.

Okay. Thanks for your answer. However, it would be possible for LightBurn to do that by splitting each layer into individual job file, and prior to each job it runs the auto-focus command on a certain coordinate, or am I missing something? Just and idea!

That would be possible, but relatively complicated to write, partly because LightBurn just sends the job to the Ruida controller, and doesn’t monitor the progress as it runs.

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