Set job origin to center (rather than bottom left) in Lightburn?

I’m doing a project where I want to set the job origin to the middle of my material, and then do the layout in LB with the text centered at 0,0.

LB defaults to bottom left as the workspace origin - is there any way to center the origin in the software so that 0,0 is in the middle?


I think this is what you’re looking for here:


Ok, wow, got it. Yeah, you’re right, I missed something obvious. Pardon.

Hm. Weird - when I looked at that yesterday, I’d swear I only saw four dots, not nine. I think I’m confusing it with the coordinate system setting for the device, which does have only the 4 corners. I had set my screen resolution and text size (in Windows) to lower res / higher text scaling, and I noticed issues in LB with text going offscreen. (LB’s UI is not fully aware of text sizing, apparently, but that’s a side issue.) So maybe some particular combination of res/text scale caused the UI element to not scale correctly, but I couldn’t reproduce it just now. Almost surely I just missed it.

I just tried it, and could set it to the center, but the ruler doesn’t change along the outside (i.e. 0,0 is still labelled as bottom-left, even though the green dot moves to the center). This means I still need to subtract from the midpoint to take measurements.

Is there any way to get the rulers to also move 0,0?

The ruler of the work area is fixed to the machine representing its coordinates. The Job Origin and Start From work in tandem in telling LightBurn how to cut the project within the the work area of your machine.

Coordinates and Job Origin

Awesome - thanks very much! Looks like User Origin is what I was after. Appreciate the help.

If you need to measure, there’s a way to do that too:

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Ah - I think I’m going to use that. I’ll try creating a measured rectangle that’s the shape and size of my material, put it on a layer that will not output, and then I’ll have a nice visual guide.

Awesome - thanks!

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