Set machine origin

I have just received a 15w Chinese laser and frame. I am trying to set the machine origin to 0,0 (left front). This machine does not have limit switches.

I have read and watched multiple videos and so far I have not achieved desired results. Currently, even thought LB shows 0,0 correctly in design when using the HOME button it responds with homing not enabled error.

X-axis works fine (meaning X=0 is correct. All the way left) but not y-axis. It looks like the machine/LB think the Y=0 is about half way on the Y-axis.

I am sure there is an answer. But I can’t figure it out.

NVM. Appears that on this LASER I need to use USER ORIGIN

The home button in LightBurn tells your controller to run its homing cycle. If you don’t have homing switches, it can’t work.

You can jog the laser to the front left and type G92 X0 Y0 in the console to zero it, or just power it up with the laser at that position. You will likely also need to set $10=0 (if you have GRBL 1.1) or $10=2 (if you have an older version of GRBL).

Thanks. This made it all work correctly.

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