Set Material Support height


I don’t know if this is an option I have missed but is it possible to define a material support height in Lightburn.

The laser at work you can set an offset easily in a box which would be great if it could be done in Lightburn.

I have set a large library of materials but sometimes depending of the job it can be flat on the bed or raised on pins to aid in cutting.

It looks like it can be done for Emblaser but can’t seem to find it for Ruida?

Many Thanks



This is only available for the Emblaser because it’s required for the machine to work properly. On a Ruida you just use the buttons on the machine to move the bed up or down and manually focus that way.

A Ruida controller typically doesn’t home the Z axis like the Emblaser does, so using absolute positioning on the Z doesn’t work until you focus it, in which case you’ve already set the Z height, so there’s no point in having this feature on that hardware.

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