Set Origin without a device connected?


I use a homegrown gcode based printer/laser/plotter.

My workflow (for various reasons) does not involve connecting the device, but rather generting gcode, then applying some post-process out of lightburn, then into the machine.

I would like to be able to set origin to a very precise location in my design - but without connecting the device. The ‘Set Origin’ function can’t help me I think.

Is this possible? Is there some way to click on the canvas to set origin or select a point to set origin or something like this? Or a hack like selecting user origin with one object and then turning it off in output?

Thanks for suggestions!

Your hack suggestion is certainly valid. If you have a circular design, for example and wish to have an origin outside of the circle, you can place any convenient object elsewhere and reference that location for the origin. A square in the lower right would create a new perimeter point for which the origin could be assigned.

For objects inside the design, this idea would not work. You might be able to manipulate a non-ouput object in such a way as to have the centered origin serve the purpose. Depending on your design constraints, even a side centered origin may work for you in this manner.

If you use ‘Absolute Coords’ the origin of the generated GCode is the origin of the work area (where the red square is). If you position whatever you are making relative to that, that mark will be the zero point’ when you output the gcode.

@fred_dot_u thanks for the suggestion. When you say Could Be Assigned, are you talking about using “Current Position” setting? Or do you have a way to assign the object as a User Origin?

I forgot to mention… I really want to use Absolute Coordinate mode - because then Lightburn outputs absolute coordinate gcode, which is easier for me to post-process.

In the Current Position setting, Lightburn exports relative gcode…

I forgot to mention I am trying to use absolute coordinate mode (as I mentioned in my reply to Fred).

Your would definitely work @LightBurn… if I could instruct Lighburn to export even objects outside of the work area, eg truly overriding the “Cut might be out of bounds - Continue anyway?” error message. Then I could position everything relative to the absolute origin an Bob would be My Uncle.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Do you have this setting enabled?

Turning that off should do what you want.

I was blind, but now I see!
This will make it possible to use absolute origin and just don’t care about anything else.
Arbitrary origin here we go.

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