Set power and speed settings, make same for all files per color settings

hey guys wondering if there is a way to say set black at 100 speed and 30 power and .14 scan gap for example but have it make every file i open start as that. i believe once i set these and make a new file it does this. my problem is i moved all my files from my gcode lasers to my dsp and now i need to go through every file and change the settings like power, speed, scan gap and all that. hoping i do not need to do this to the many files i have

Here’s a trick that can work: Import the LightBurn files, don’t Open them.

When you Open a LightBurn project, it loads all the shapes, settings, and everything else, and replaces everything in your current project. When you Import a file, it just pulls in the shapes, and leaves everything else alone.

So, if you set your cut colors the way you like them, then Import a LightBurn file, it won’t replace the cut settings - it’ll use what you have.

The possible trouble with this is that it won’t load any other cut settings either, so if you use perforation, different intervals, kerf offsets, etc, it won’t load those either, but if you only use the basics this should work.

You can’t re-import the settings, too? Is that not a flat file somewhere?

No, it’s not. You can go the other way - You can save a settings template, and then load that before importing a LightBurn project file, but there isn’t an easy way to load the settings from one file over another.

Ok thanks. I did try dot mode yesterday for the first time and it didnt seem to do anything but draw a really light solid line

I’ve updated the docs to describe the Perforation and Dot modes, and what you’d use them for:

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