Set screw replacements

I just had a collision that stripped the set screw that holds the autofocus probe to the head of the laser. Was just going to order a replacement screw from McMaster. The screw is clear and feels like plastic. Any suggestions on where to get replacement parts for these lasers?

Depends on what parts…

For general purpose things like metric screws, etc - Ace Hardware locally (I’m in North Idaho) and Amazon. Even specific electronic components I have found readily available on Amazon - have to turn there as local suppliers don’t carry this stuff.

I’ve also purchased mechanical components from Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument online at

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McMaster-Carr sells all sorts of fasteners and their on-line catalog is best in the business.


I went with McMaster because none of my local hardware stores, big and small, had the small metric sizes I needed (I needed one size smaller than the stores carried). Total waste of hours driving around. Should have just ordered from McMaster to start. They are next day delivery here.


I love McMaster!

Finding the right screw on demand is always a pain. I always keep a set of taps and a set screw kit so it that happens I can just re-tap to the size I have on hand, be it metric or imperial :slight_smile: (It also helps that I am a notorious component hoarder with dozens of parts bins lol)