Set speed and power to all layers

Hello. I have a (maybe) simple question:
I have a object with 14 layers. Layer 1 to 12 should have the same speed and power. Can I select layer 1-12 and set the value for speed and power for all layers at one time?


You canā€™t, no. Why do you have 12 layers with the same speed & power settings?

LightBurn does not currently allow multi-select of Layers, so no - not the way you are thinking at this time.

If you are going to use these settings regularly, once set, you could define these settings as the ā€˜Default Layer Settingā€™ for these layers and new work will use them.

but, there is an easy way to copy the settings very fast. Use the two arrows to copy and paste

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Thanks for your fast responses.
I have a new Ortur Laser Master 2 (20W) and I am testing actually a lot. I am having some Problems with the focus. So I am lasering a ramp with different distances between the object an the lense.
Maybe I am the first and last person on earth who will need 12 layers with the same power and speedā€¦
: )


now you make me curious what your ramp test looks like, do you want to show it here as a lb file?

I am very unhappy to dissappoint you, but my ā€œrampā€ is just a 3mm wide line.
The object is askew to the groud. So I start with a difference at 10cm and go up to 1cmā€¦

ok, iā€™m just confused about your 12 layers and wondering how they are used for a ramp test :wink:

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