Set the view to landscape

I am using a Sculpfun S9 with an Expand upgrade. This means that my laser area is about 50 cm wide and 90 cm “tall”.

Everything works as supposed in LightBurn. Love it.

My viewport in LightBurn also matches the 50 cm wide and 90 cm tall area. This looks like “portrait”. Sometimes I want to flip it to view it in “landscape”. Because some designs are easier.

I think it should be a “view” option somewhere.

I guess LightBurn does not have this feature yet or I can’t find it :wink:

That area represents your work area. With X left to right…

Do your design and rotate it to fit to the laser. The other option is to change the Device settings, not recommended.


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Yeah, Ofcourse I know that’s my work area.
And I also know about rotating… But that’s exactly not what I want.

I am asking to be able to rotate just your viewport so I can work on it like that.
If I have lots of objects on the canvas I have to pivot my head to check if everything is okay… And rotating back and forth is not what I want.

What about just drawing a 50cm by 90cm box in landscape mode and use that as your viewport/design guide. Do the rotating after you have finished the design.

Guys, I know how to work around this.

I would just like an option to set the view to landscape and portrait…

That’ll be beneficial to everyone’s workflow. Especially when you have a laser cutter where the cut area is rectangular (with a big difference between height and width). On laser cutters with a more square like area, not having this feature, is a much smaller “problem”.

Try posting it at feature suggestions.

I know your neck pain…


I did, so everyone can vote for it now, please do :wink:

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I added my vote… It would be great when doing mugs/cups…


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