Set the Z-axis at Gweikecloud

I have a Gweikecloud. When I cut in the manufacturers own online software it cuts just fine. But that software dont support all my files so I want to use Lightburn and the manufacturer says the machine is compatleble with Lightburn. My problem is that it only cuts well when I move the z-axis to about 6. And for every time I am to do a cut I have to change it to about 6 but for engraving it have to be on 0. And to change the Z-axis I press the arrow down then Get position a couple of times, it never is consistant jumping Numbers so it sometimes go over 6 and I cant get it down again until it goes up more. The tip of the laser then touch the board. Is there no better way to set the Z-axis? The Gweikepeople dont know the problem, they actually dont seen to know much about anything. I hope someone here understand my explenation. Please help me.

I also made the mistake of buying this machine. Their whole website is lies. They claim the cloud works with all devices iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac. It took 2 days to get my Mac to connect and I had to allow their tech to connect to my computer in order to connect.

You are correct… there is no way to establish a home position with this machine. There are no rulers and no discernable home position. The camera system is a joke if you are trying to laser any products because the camera does not engrave on the item where you tell it to engrave. That problem varies by what part of the table you are trying to engrave on.

They also told me that the machine was compatible with Lightburn… leaving out that Lightburn doesn’t recognize the camera. I engrave many one off gifts. This machine is useless for me.

I noticed that the camera is connected to the board wit a 4 pole ribbon cable. I asked Gweike for a cable that would allow me to connect it to my Mac with a USB cable. Gweike told me to buy a camera from Lightburn. I explained I would be happy to do that but the lid of their machine is too close to the bed of the engraver to utilize any of the lightburn sold cameras.

This is a nice machine in many ways. But it simply isn’t practical for any work that doesn’t utilize a sheet of material. If you are engraving a sheet (all in one run of course), it doesn’t matter if the camera is off a bit. If you are doing almost anything else the camera is useless.

I would not buy anything from Gweiki. The support is awful. No matter what you talking about with them they only hear what they want. The things they don’t want to answer they completely avoid.

They originally told me they sent a board to Lightburn, so Lightburn could make the camera work. I don’t know if they actually did.

Wow… quite an experience.

I recall Oz mentioning that they’ve been working on head mounted cameras and some of the initial code has been put in place for that. Just not integrated with LB features. It’s possible that the camera could be made to work eventually.

I just asked at Gweike and Linda/Erica (chat pop-up) informed me that their camera is case mounted. I’ll look into it further.

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This old thread seems like it might be a good place to start for connection issues:

The 4 pin ribbon cable is good news. If you’re a bit of a hardware hacker you may be able to confirm that it’s a USB camera and apply the ‘repurposed USB laptop camera’ strategy to run the camera.

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