Setting a Offset/Using

Hi, iam new to LB and use my Ender3 more as a 3D-Printer then a Laserengraver.
My Printer works fine with Marlin 2.1.1 software, has a BL-Touch mountet and because of this, it homes at the center of the bed.
The Laser is mountet in Front of the Head of the Printer by magnets, because its only a temporarly use.
So if i create a Grafik that i like to engeave, where may i set the 50mm Off-Set from Laser to Nozzle?
And is it possible, that after an engaving is finsihed, the head moves to start position and i can just select “print from media” again, to print this file again without re-home the hole printer?
Becuase my Printer is locatet not close to my computer (stands in basement) i use “octoPrint” for 3d-Printing. Is there any way to connect via remote by LightBurn?

You may be able to use the “Laser offset” feature in Device Settings to manage this. This is normally used to handle offsets for visible pointer lights but it may also work for your needs.

Is this something on the Ender-3? Make sure your “Return to finish position” is configured properly in Device Settings. If so, that g-code will be included in the file and you should be able to do what you’re saying.

I’m not aware of any direct way of doing this for Marlin. GRBL devices now allow a telnet style IP connection.

Thank You,
most important thing for me would be a remote-connection, best via the exsisting RasPi with OctoPrint. But other ways would be nice also.
Iam so tired of runnind downstairs and juggle with this micro-sd-card. bad for the card, bad for the cardslot, bad for my legs.

Could you just save the gcode to a commonly accessible network share location? Or write to the Pi through a share and have Octoprint pick it up from there? Then just use Octoprint as a g-code sender to the Ender. I recall seeing something about some modules that make Octoprint work better for laser cutters but don’t know any specifics.

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