Setting a Start Point

I move my laser to a position in the lower left corner of my work area. To a spot I want designated as 0, 0.
I click “Clear Origin” and “Set Origin” and then restart Lightburn.
The laser hasn’t moved and I click, “Get Position” which shows 0x, 0y. That’s what I want. So in the “Move to Position” I set X at 0, Y at 0 and click “Go”. I’m assuming the laser will not move, but it does to a point that is x=3.8, y=1.5.
What is going on here? Shouldn’t my origin be 0, 0 and when I try to move to to 0,0 it should go to the spot I set with the laser. It would be nice to be able to have the laser return to the same set spot, which is also the origin point, whan I try to go to 0, 0.
Any illumination on this would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

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“Set Origin” simply remembers the location of the laser when you click the button and will issue a move back to that point when you start a job. Clicking “Clear Origin” just zero’s the remembered point, so you don’t need to do that first.

Power cycling the laser changes the origin point of the machine to wherever it was when you powered it, until you change that or home the machine. This affects the machine work space, not the remembered origin point in LightBurn.

So you’ve told LightBurn to remember a point at some offset from your origin, then changed the origin, which is why that point moves.

The issue is the order you’re doing these things in, though technically the best practice is to zero the machine to the front-left of the workspace, so your work in LightBurn is always repeatable.


Thank you. That helps.

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