Setting apart a section to engrave and other to cut on single image

I would like to be able to cut the below image, but have the snowflakes and my dogs name done in white. In my mind, I would stain the wood, let it dry and mask. I would then engrave the tape off the snowflake and dogs names, then cut the shapes out. After it is done I would paint the sections I burned the tape off white and remove the masking. I am not sure how to do that though. My only thought is to highlight the sections, copy and paste in place then create a second layer for that. That layer can be engraved to burn off the tape. The green sections would be the engraved areas.
Would that work and is that the proper way to go about doing what I want.

You don’t really need to burn the mask off on the areas you want to paint. After running your cuts you can just peel the tape off of those areas…like weeding a design done on a Cricut or similar cutting machine. To get the small bits of masking use a piece of Duct tape. Press it on the area like the snowflake and it will lift all the small pieces of masking.

The other way which I think is easier is to use a paint marker to color the white areas. Looks and works just like a sharpie marker but contains acrylic paint. You can get them at any craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

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Thank you. I actually had planned on using paint markers to color it. With the way you suggested, parts of the areas I would like to paint do not have lines separating them, such as the snowflake where it is connected to the paw. I would not be able to remove just the snowflake part because it would not come off cleanly…if that makes sense how I am saying it.

Without seeing what you imagine for the snowflake. Looking at it looks like the snowflake is separate and could be peeled off.

Or I don’t understand the process flow, which is a little confusing.