Setting cut order to "top left to bottom right"

I have a number of repeating objects that I want to cut on my LM3.

I drew two objects. An inner Octagon and an outer Polygon, I grouped the two shapes, and then applied an array to them 7 across and 5 down.

I then flattened the array.

When I go to preview I get the below, with the travel all over the place.

It starts off at the top right, cuts three shapes, moves down a row, cuts 3 more, jumps back to the top layer,

lightburn cutting order1

These are my optimization settings

light burn optimmization settings

Is there any way to force it to cut the top left shape to the bottom right shape?

In general, no.

In practice, reducing the number of optimizations may improve the overall travel pattern, although you (well, I) can waste far too much time fiddling with all the knobs.

In reality, it (probably) doesn’t matter. Diode lasers cut slowly enough that rapid non-cutting moves add up to a small fraction of the total wall-clock time. Take a look at the Preview summary to see how it works out; if you have never updated all the simulation parameters to match reality, do so before you start worrying.

Sorry to step in,

Try this: select the shapes properties window,
then as you group the objects on each line, move up the cutting order priority (first group 1 then 2…),

then define the optimizations by priority
and see if that’s what you want.

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This reminds me of a feature stiching software has
“Order by selection priority”
So you could select by holding shift each square in the order you want then click the button
And it does the order priorty

Feature request me thunks! :smiley:

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