Setting first cup engraving since migration to lightburn

Can someone give me the how to for engraving cups? Below is a picture of my RD Works config and pic of rotary.

I have my laser network attached.

Is this the correct area to setup in lightburn? Also do I just click the toggle to enable rotary in the right bottom box of lightburn?

Enable Rotary switch (when green) is RD’s Enable Rotating.
Steps per Rotation is the same as RD’s Circle Pulse (6800)
Object Diameter is the same as RD’s Diameter.

You need to have the controller connected when you change these, as they are read from / written to the controller.

you have LB set for a chuck rotary yet your image shows roller style

Thank you very much! Is there a video or page to provide more detail into the Roller Diameter and Circumference? I would like to go ahead and understand the settings while I’m learning a new software package vs. just having the settings and never changing or understanding them like I did in RDWorks.

Thank you for noting that. While I was just showing the screen to make sure that was the correct area to make my changes perhaps it will help someone else along the way who looks at this later.

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The documentation touches on them briefly (very briefly):

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