Setting for cutting Chardstock 210 GSM and 260 gsm

I’m trying to figure out how to cut Chardstock for wedding invitations. I am using the atomstack a5 20w along with lightburn. I’m either not cutting through or getting too much of a scorch mask. (Air assist being used also)

Is the card stock white? It reflects lots of the laser power.

As with all machining operations, it’s ‘speeds & feeds’ or with a laser it’s power & speed.

There are lots of people with these here that can probably give you a better idea, but most of the time you just have to ‘waste’ a few pieces to get the cut with power and speed.

I drop my air assist pretty low when cutting thing paper like things. I cut out targets for the mirrors out of ‘watercolor’ paper. Found it blows stuff around too much, but need a small amount to keep the lens area clean/clear.

Good luck