Setting for rotary

I have this rotary. the stepper motor is shown. What do my rotary settings need to be.

Whatever makes the wheels move exactly one revolution.

That sounds like a cheeky answer, but it’s true - without knowing how many microsteps your motor controller is configured for, and what (if any) gearing is present in the rotary, you won’t get a number as an answer.

In the rotary setup dialog, choose an arbitrary value to start with, like 10000. Set the roller circumference to 100mm, then exit the rotary setup. Draw a tall, thin rectangle 100mm tall, and run it. There will be a pause as it draws each of the two horizontal lines of the rectangle, and the rotary will turn for the two vertical lines. It should rotate a full 360 degrees, pause, rotate back again, pause again.

If the two pauses don’t hit the same place on the rollers, you need to adjust the steps value. If it didn’t make it 360 degrees around, increase the steps number. If it went more than 360 degrees, reduce it.

Once you have the correct steps count, then set the roller diameter to the proper number and you’re done.

I’m going to send it back. Do you recommend a rotary attachment

Why would you send it back? This process will be the same regardless of the rotary you buy. It’s not very hard, and you only need to do it once.

The motor gets very hot and the belt is slipping. The seller thinks the attachment I have isn’t compatible with my machine…

If you’re using your Y-axis motor driver from a Ruida controller, and not adjusting the motor current down for the smaller motor, you’ll have issues. They’re not so much incompatible as not being completely plug & play.

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How would i adjust the motor current?

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It’ll be a dip switch on the motor driver. You would need to lower it when switching to the rotary, and put it back when changing back again, always with the machine off.

where is that switch in a red&black chinese laser?

Behind a door on the right side is where all the electronics live. You’ll find 2 black boxes that are the stepper drivers, one for X, one for Y.

There’s a blue dip switch on the end of the driver, visible in photo. On the side is a chart to tell you what switch combinations for different drive currents. Take a picture or right down the switch combinations before you start. :slight_smile:

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what is the right for rotary?

There isn’t a “right for rotary”. There’s “right for this specific motor” - you need to find the specs for the motor to know what current to use.

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Can I found that information printed in the motor?

I’m not sure. I can’t see it from here. :slight_smile:

hahahahaha I had a rotary in my shop behind the door why I can’t do it work well, and that may be the reason!!!

Please help me, English is not my first language and found the right information is so hard. My motor is this: 23HD450Y-31A1 , FH190422, help me please. I pay $200 + $250 for the shipping to my country!!! And this is a box behind my shop’ door :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

look on the “stepper online” website and find your motor there

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I can’t find anything about it other than it’s Chinese, and it’s quite possibly a 3-phase stepper, which would need a matched (3 phase) driver to run it.

That its the more useless thing that I buy in my life :sob::sob::sob::sob:

That’s a 4 pin connector - If it was really a 3-phase stepper, one of those wouldn’t be connected. Check to see if there are four wires.