Setting home parameters

how do I set home on my D1, for now it tries to go outside of the parameters of the machine

You’ll need to elaborate. What’s the history of your laser and setup?

Then what are you trying to do and what’s happening when you try that?

I just set up my laser, connected to light burn and light burn set its own home. I just don’t know how to adjust it

What do you mean about adjusting home? You don’t really get much of a say in the matter.

Did you use the xTool provided .lbdev file to setup your machine?

Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

yes, I did and it homes to the 0.0. but x and y tries to go beond 0.0

What does beyond 0,0 mean in this case? What values do you get and where is the laser head at that time?

work space grid on lightburn

I’m having a difficult time following the situation. Can you take photos and screenshots to illustrate the issue? Or a video?

You uploaded a tutorial video with no explanation. How does this relate to the problem you’re experiencing?

Can you use as much description as possible to actually explain what it is that you’re attempting to do and what’s happening instead?

top left point on the work grid is 0.0.then moves 1.1 and so on. my light burn wants to home at-1.-1so no mater what I do y axes hits x axes trys to keep moving, I am sorry that I can’t give pro terms

You’re not supposed to use the Home button with the D1 or D1 Pro.

With the machine off, move the laser head to the top-left. When you turn on the home and origin will show as 0,0 in the Move window.

thank you I will try