Setting mirrors

Machine is red and black 80watt chinese. DSP ruida. I have been trying to align the mirrors after putting a cloudray beam combiner on it. When i put second mirror to very top and pulse, I can get it in center of mirror. When i move mirror to bottom and pulse laser it hits to the left about 1/4 inch.When i say left that is looking at mirror from a door panel buy the mirror, i guess that would be looking at from front of machine it would be hitting to the right. Any way i can’t get first mirror to hit in the middle of second mirror both top or bottom on y axis. if this sounds confusing ,i am sorry. Maybe one of you guys can figure it out and tell me what to do. Anymore info needed please let me know and i will do my best to tell more…

Center doesn’t mean squat until you get to the lens tube / lens. You need to be PARALLEL in Y, X, and then Z, and fairly close to center to keep from clipping the edge of the mirror holder. ONLY once you are parallel do you start moving brackets, NOT MIRROR ADJUSTMENTS, to get centered in the lens tube and subsequently centered on the lens. Personally, I hit my #3 a little over 2mm high to get centered in my lens tube.

Russ has several good videos on beam alignment. Personally I think #119 is the best. He’s setting a new tube, but about 30 min in he gets to beam alignment.

DAVE don’t jump me to hard ,i am new to this. Tell me me how to get parrallel on my x y z axis.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth ten million. Russ has several videos on beam alignment in one way or another. I like the one after setting the new tube in #119. It’s about 30 min in.

The basic is do a close burn, move to the furthest and do another, then adjust to match the first. You may go through several targets to get all three parallel. Once you have that, then you start moving things to get the beam to the center of the tube and center of the lens. Notice I said move things, not adjust the mirrors.

If in getting things parallel in Y and X you are way off center, you will need to physically move the mirror to get it near the center. Near is plenty good.

Once you are truly parallel in Y, X, and Z, then you get centered in the lens tube, again by moving things, not adjusting mirrors. Like I said, I hit my #3 a little over 2mm high to hit the center of the lens / lens tube.

You might also check out a couple of newer ones. #192 & #193. The first 30 minuets or so of #192 is on head designs over the years, so you can skip through that.