Setting Starting Point

I’d like to cut out these two tree shapes using a perforated cut. I want to hide the “skip” spots under the tree branches where they are not so visible, since they stand out against the charring of the rest of the perimeter cut.

How do I specify the starting point so I can set a distance that places the “skip” spots where I want them?


I’m not sure if I understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve but you can change the start point using the Start Point Selector.

LightBurn has a Tabs and Bridges tool built into the Cuts Settings Editor.

You want manual control of where the line is not engraved? Select Manual under Tab Generation.

The following may be worth review:

Thank you, John!
Hiding the skips as shown in the photo is what I’m shooting for, and Manual Tabs and Bridges looks like it’s the solution.

Please report back and mark the Solution if its right and if it works as you expect. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

What is a skip?

Manual Tabs works like a charm. I was originally trying to visualize how to calculate the lengths of the cuts between skips to keep the skips on the undersides of the tree branches. This is so much easier.

NOTE TO SELF: remember to disable the perforation mode switch (if previously enabled) for that layer or you end up with those skips and the new ones!

Every time I run into a challenge, LightBurn seems to already have a tool to take care of it. After nearly 2 years of using the software, I learn something new every day. I’m hoping for a session on “seldom used” tools at the LightBurn Experience this fall!

I use perforation mode when I want to be able to pop a part out from the main work piece (like engraved Xmas cards or balsa wood airplanes). When cutting the outline, LightBurn periodically stops the laser from cutting to create a perforated line. The brief stop points are labeled as “skips” in the software.


Since the cutting process chars the edge of the wood, the non-lasered spots show up as white lines. Most of the time it probably doesn’t matter. In this project, I didn’t want that appearance. .

Got it. It didn’t occur to me that you were using perforations as an approximate for tabs/bridges to begin with.

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