Setting Up A Chinese Rotary

A VERY in depth video on how to configure a rotary for a 60w Chinese Laser and configure Lightburn.

Setting Up A Chinese Laser Rotary

Nice video. Thank you for all of your efforts in putting it together and bringing it to our community. I’m sure it will help a lot people.

I love your power table adaptor

Very nice of you to “pimp” Lightburn and the forum.

Thank you again for creating content for our community and for supporting Lightburn.



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I highly recommend for anyone using a rotary that a jig is made for placement of the rotary device.

With such a jig, placement of the hardware will always be true to the gantry and centered within the work area.

I’m awaiting the Rotoboss to be available again so I can order one. Once I get one of those, I’ll make a new jig for that as well.


Another tip on using the rotary is to change the job origin to correspond to the center left (or center right - depending on your orientation). This will allow you to place the engraving very predictably on the object.

image or image

Hi @Stroonzo ,

I want to buy one as well. Are they not Available now…?



The site indicated they’re on back order. But I looked in to it again just now and realized much of the rotary is 3d printed. I won’t buy a 3d printed rotary for $750. It isn’t to say the Rotoboss is not good. I am just not confident in the integrity of 3d printed parts as commercial grade.

That is so funny… I thought the exact same thing

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