Setting up a networked GRBL controller?

Hi, I’m a new LB user and the developer of a grblHAL breakout board that supports LB - Teensy 4.1 grblHAL breakout board. My board uses a 600 MHz Teensy 4.1 which has 1 MB of RAM. grblHAL allows using the memory to speed up motion control. Several of my customers are using LB and seeing some significant performance increases. There is a thread in the GRBL section of this forum on the topic.

grblHAL supports networked interfaces as well as USB. My board has an Ethernet option for this. I would like my customers to be able to use the Ethernet connection in place of the USB one but only USB is offered in New Device Wizard’s Create Manually section.

I assume there is some sort of ini or configuration file though I didn’t find anything obvious when I went looking for it. Could some kind soul point me in the right direction?

The grblHAL networked connection is a simple telnet interface and is otherwise identical to the USB connection. Perhaps I am being simplistic but it should be a fairly easy addition.

By the way, Lightburm works well with grblHAL, that is a testament to the thoughtfulness of the developers. Many GCode senders that talk to GRBL are hard coded to a specific version and fail miserably with other GRBL variants

My apologies if this is the wrong subforum to use for my question. If so, could some kind moderator move it to the correct location?

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