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I have a laser device which I’ve been using for awhile: a Genmitsu Jinsoku LE-1620. It works great but I wanted a larger work area. So I’m trying to convert my Genmitsu Prover XL 4030 into a laser engraver.

I installed the laser module this afternoon. There aren’t really any diagnostics to say that its working properly. However, the device will home. That is, when I press the Home button in Lightburn, the head goes to 0,0 and, annoyingly, raises the Z axis to the top. I’ll work on that when I get the main problems resolved.

Main Problems:
When I try to get Lightburn to “Find my Laser”, it finds nothing. The laser will continue to operate thinking the Jinsoku device is attached though. I’ve rebooted and restarted both the computer and the ProverXL several times. There is only one USB port on the Microsoft Surface laptop I’m using. Its running Windows 10 and I believe everything is up to date on it.

When I look at the GRBL console. Lightburn is sending <Idle[MPos:0.000,0.000,165.000]bf:15:128[FS:0,0> over and over - infinitely to the laser.

I try to burn a simple circle. the laser fires, the head moves but nothing happens. That is, no burning happens on the wood. Its not marked at all even though I’m using 60% power.

Can you help me with this please? Thank you

I thought this came from the controller as the status… then you would have to be connected… ? I don’t think Lightburn would try and send something without a connection.

Grbl machines have their control information ‘streamed’ to them from your computer, it is isn’t connected how could it continue to operate?

Is this a grbl control board that you’ve used with other open source software?

You should be able to see it in the device manager if it’s connected… Don’t have windows, so can’t advise you any further there…


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