Setting up a rotary - does not test correctly

Thunderlaser Nova 51
I have been using my rotary attachment (rotoboss) for 6mos. I engraved several tumblers last week and got weird results … The design was compressed or engraved past 360 deg. I am trying to set up (recalibrate) my rotary attachment again. I enter all the values required, and hit test. the Laser traces XY but does not “rotate” the rotary attachment. I have ensured that the rotary option is turned on.

Is there something I am missing for the test function to rotate the device (xu) vs tracing xy only?

Perhaps you can get some tips here?

I am not personally familiar with Thunderlaser machines, so there could be a different mechanism involved. On my machine (and several other that share the Y axis stepper driver for rotary use), there is a physical switch that must also be moved to reroute the driver to the rotary motor.

Now that I have typed all of this, I am starting to remember that Thunder may also be the company that first offered rotary function on the U axis, so maybe nothing I have provided is applicable.

Thunder Laser uses a different axis output for the rotary instead of the Y axis, and it doesn’t respond to moves in the same way as the normal Ruida does. I’ll be trying to make this work at some point, but for now you’ll have to test the old fashioned way - IE, sending a job of the right Y height to the controller (just a rectangle) and running the frame from the machine panel.

Thank you for the input. I will run the manually.

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