Setting up a waste board and numbered grid

My first post here and also my first time using a laser.
I’ve had a brief read through some of the comments in here and perhaps the atomstack wasn’t really the ideal choice after all but I purchased it based upon a YouTube recommendation and it’s here and so while it won’t be my go to tool for everything in my workshop I’d still like to get it running in a useable way.

I was trying to create a numbered grid waste board yesterday but the laser kept dropping lines, and not repeating the pattern, resulting in an offset and all manner of strange things.

I also noted that the x and y axis are out by about 1 mm, so for example if I tell the laser to go to x100 and y100 it actually goes to x101 and y101, can this be tweaked somehow so it’s more accurate or do I just have to grin and bear it?

Wondering if anyone has a numbered grid file specifically made for the atomstack that I could download to make sure I’m not stuffing things up in the software? The guy from hooked on wood shows one in his youtube film but doesn’t make it available (at least not that I could find anyway)

Thanks in advance

Might help if we knew what you have in mind here…

Can you post your .lbrn2 file for us to examine.


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Hi Jack,

Thanks for your reply. I can see if I can post it later, but in terms of what I have in mind, I want to engrave a grind onto some MDF so that I have a visual reference that matches why I see in Lightburn, this way I can put an object down on the waste board and know that it matches the coordinates in the software.

The software that is recommended with the Atomstack seems to have the option to switch on the laser at a low intensity so you can align the work piece correctly, but in my limited experience with Lightburn I have yet to find that function, so the etched grid seemed like the way to go.

I actually got this sorted out, it was more a problem with my expectations of how things should be done by the laser/software rather than the machine or the software itself!

Never stop learning ‘eh!

Anything that’s a cnc machine can be a mind bender…

Glad you’re up, take care.


Do you also get this when you move your machine at low speed?