Setting up an X-Carve with a J Tech Photonics Laser

I am Ty Olowoloba from Abuja, Nigeria.

My co-founder and i started a wooden glasses business so i have had a few months experience with the X-Carve. Our product finally looks presentable so we’re at the branding part which is why we got J Tech Photonics Laser.

I have followed this ( step on their website but i still haven’t been able to get Lightburn to work with our setup.

Please help!

What are the exact problems that you are having? Are you able to connect to the laser? Where do you have problems in those instructions?

I believe I was able to connect, I can sometimes juggle it to the left and right. Other than that I’ve not been able to do anything else.

Do you have another instruction I can follow step by step?

Are you connected via USB? Is there an option to connect via Ethernet?

To my knowledge, the only thing missing from the J-Tech guide is setting the $10 parameter ($10=0) in the console. If you’ve followed their guide, everything should work.

Can you be more specific about what it is or isn’t doing? Do you see anything in the console when you connect or try to move it? How are you trying to run it? Does the machine try to go past the limits or anything?

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I am having the same issue. Xcarve 7w jtech laser with lightburn. I uploaded 1.1f with hexuploader.

Using a Mac 10.13.6

Have not been able to use the TTL setting to burn anything.

Here are my control settings:


My xcarve is 500mmx500mm and ive had trouble with the origin as well. sometimes it will go “out of bounds” and jam up the stepper motors even though i am working in the work space.

I have “traced” the image and the controllers are working but not the laser.

LightBurn’s default for the $30 is 1000 (so is GRBL’s). Yours is 255, so you should check to make sure that LB’s is set the same, in the device settings here:


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I have verified that these numbers match and I am still unable to get the laser to engage.

Any other thoughts?

I think its because Im using a mac…

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That shouldn’t have anything to do with it - it’s just GCode being sent over a serial port. Now, having said that, there was one person who had the new Mac, with USB-C only ports, using an adapter, that had a really strange issue like this. I cross develop LightBurn with a Windows 10 PC and a MacBook Pro, and regularly use GRBL with both, so I’d be very surprised if this was the problem.

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Thought I would ask a question about this problem. Does the laser fire when in the switch is in manual mode? If it does fire in manual the problem may be that either it is not getting 5 volts from the control board of the X-Carve or that the cable is shorted internally and you do not get the 5 volts to the laser control board.

Thats pretty much where I’m at. We tried with the multimeter and its not shooting the right numbers for some reason.

I have some more work to do with just to make sure its not user error but a pretty frustrating issue.