Setting up "artboard" size in Lightburn

I am new to Lightburn. I searched the forum but didn’t see a topic quite like mine - sorry in advanced if it’s there and I missed it. I will be cutting 20 ga stainless steel sheets 35" x 48" every time. I do all of my vector designing in Adobe Illustrator. I have my artboard in Illustrator set to 35" x 48". When I bring in the .svg file exported from Illustrator the shapes overhang the “artboard” in Lightburn. I tried to then send the file to the laser for cutting but get an oversize error. In a test run the laser did start the cut but started the cut in the center of the metal (might be a laser setting off as well.) Is there a way to set the working space in Lightburn so that it recognizes files that are 35" x 48" and sends that same size to my laser? Using a Boss HP-3655 if that info is of any value. TIA

LightBurn doesn’t respect artboard size - if you have design content that goes outside of that boundary you’ll need to crop it either in Illustrator or in LightBurn.

The starting position on the Trocen controller generally has to be set from the laser panel using the ‘Origin’ button to set the User Origin starting point. Then you choose where that origin point is relative to your design by setting the Job Origin point in LightBurn. Read here: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

It’s possible to use Absolute Coords with the Trocen as well, but it’s accessed through the controller menu, not from software, as their older firmware didn’t have the option to change it any other way.

Thanks Oz. You confirmed my suspicions regarding artboards. The metal center cut was likely the origin set to a previous cut and I didn’t hit the origin button for the test run - still wanted to rule out a Lightburn setting as a contributing factor. Appreciate the info.

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