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I just got my Aeon Nava14 with the LB camera. I have it connected via wifi. What do I need to do to connect the camera and get that calibrated?

You’ll need the USB cable - they don’t work over WIFI because the data rate is really high to get the required capture resolution.

Okay. I will end up needing to add a computer closer to my laser. Am I easily able to transfer my license to another computer?

Yes you are. Have a look at this post:

Thank you!! I appreciate it!

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You should be all set, but please let us know if you have any issues with this. :slight_smile:

A single license key is valid for two computers, and we’ll add a 3rd for free. You shouldn’t need to transfer it - we assume most people have a dedicated laser machine and a design machine, and sometimes a portable to bring to clients, so we try to be accommodating.


How high? USB2 is 480Mbps, and 802.11-n is 600. I suppose those are best case scenario maximums, but still. Maybe there are some details or something I’m not taking into account as well. Seems viable though, depending on what the bandwidth required for the video is.

2592 x 1944 is 5Mb per frame, if uncompressed 8 bit (it’s probably 16 bit YUV planar, or more likely, MJPEG, but color). Even if it’s 2Mb per frame, that would be 300 mbits / sec, excluding data errors. It’s pushing it. It can work using USB over Ethernet, but everyone I know who’s tried it so far hasn’t had good luck with it.

When doing the camera setup, how do you determine whether to use the standard or fisheye setting?

Depends on which camera.

From the “normal” range, 140 and 160 are definitely fisheye. Then there’s a bit of a gray area, and then the 60 and 90 are not.

From the new 8mp, they are not fisheye.

Technically, all the 5MP cameras we sell are fisheye - it refers to the way the lens distortion math works to correct the image. The 60 and 90 have far less image distortion, so it’s not terribly noticeable, so while they are still technically fisheye lenses, it matters less with them. The 120, 140, and 160 are helped by using the fisheye setting.

The new 8MP cameras are not fisheye - they use non-distorting optics.

Danny at Aeon thought I had the 110° 8mp HD one.

Looking at the image, there doesn’t seem to be any distortion or fisheye across the 1400mm bed.

Then that’s likely what you have. The easy way to tell is this:

  • Go to Tools > Calibrate Camera Lens
  • Select the camera
  • Click Next
  • Click Capture

You’ll see “Image 0 (3840 x 2160)” if it’s an 8MP camera, and “Image 0 (2592 x 1944)” if it’s a 5MP.

The numbers in the parenthesis are the captured image size.

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