Setting Up Laser

The question - just installed lightburn and my table origin is the top left. I keep getting frame slop. If I set the origin to top right it will work but the image is reversed. The parts are on the left are now being cut out on the right.
Any ideas? I know in RD works there is a setting to fix that (deselect mirror image).


Sorry but this picture is not very helpful as it is from a phone (hard to see) and does not show the entire screen and settings. Next time please use a screen grab. Machine Origin is different than Job Origin as described below.

Guessing by reference (you say RD), Ruida based systems usually have the origin set to the back-right. Where are your limit switches? Where does your system home on startup? Machine Origin is set in the ‘Device Settings’ window.

This might be helpful to review as well.

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I think I got it watching some videos. Thanks :slight_smile:

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