Setting up lightburn camera

I’ve installed my 160 deg lightburn camera and setting up went well, except the image is reversed top to bottom and left to right. How do I flip it using the software? the camera is in a fixed position and cannot be flipped. also, can the camera lens be turned to focus? I tried very gently so as not to break it, and it did not seem to move. thanks

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The preview might be flipped, but that won’t affect the captured overlay. There is not currently a way to rotate the preview feed.

And yes, the lens can be turned to focus it. Hold the square plastic base that the lens is threaded into and twist the lens. There is sometimes a small glue dot holding the lens that you’ll have to get past, and some of them are just a bit stiff. It will likely take just slightly more force than you’re comfortable with. :slight_smile:

Hi. thanks for the fast response. the captured overlay is also flipped. if I put something under it with writing or picture, they are flipped. If I take the camera out of its holder and turn it around, then the image appears correctly. Unfortunately, the camera can only fit in the holder one way with only a hole for the cord at one end.

If the captured overlay is also flipped then you tagged the markers out of order when doing the alignment process.

yes, likely did because the image projected on the monitor did not have the numbers arranged as
1 2
3 4

they were flipped upside down, left to right and top to bottom

I thought I tagged them in numerical order, but maybe I went left, right, down/left, right.

should I tag then in numerical order or left, right, down/left, right. ignoring the printed numbers?

thanks again

Tag them in numbered order. The software actually tells you which numbered mark to tag, and it uses this to figure out the proper orientation.

got it. thanks so much

ok, I tagged them in the numbered order and image capture is still inverted.

The capture, or the preview? The preview will always be inverted. The captured overlay shouldn’t be if you tagged the markers in the right order.

well…it ‘was’ the capture. but now I can’t get it to capture at all. when I click capture, I get a message “use camera alignment wizzard to compute projection first.” I went back and re-ran the whole process with the dots and then re-burned the numbered symbols and entered the red cross hairs, and still get the same message when I hit ‘capture.’ no image shows as an overlay, but I do see the actual view of the laser bed and my hand if I move it under the camera.

Do you have more than one camera with the same name, by chance? When you finished the alignment did you click the ‘Finish’ button, or did you cancel or close out of it? (if you did one of those, it wouldn’t save - you have to click the Finish button)

nope, only your camera, and yes, both times, I clicked finish, and neither time did it save - actually did this 3 times, and still no ability to capture

Do this:

  • Go to Help > Generate Support Data
  • Open ‘Notepad’
  • Paste
  • Save that as a text file
  • Email that file to support at lightburnsoftware dot com along with a link to this thread

ok, will do tomorrow

well Oz, I downloaded the general support data as you requested, and since I had lightburn opened to do so, it just so happened to be on the camera tab, so just for the hell of it, I clicked capture and sure enough this time I got the image, albeit reversed. so I decided I’d try the alignment wizzard one more time, and sure the darn thing worked this time and capture gives me an image with the correct orientation. so I take back all those nasty thoughts I had about lightburn :grin:
thanks so much for your help Oz

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