Setting up Lightburn to Connect to Sculpfun S30

Found out from a friend that my laser (Sculpfun S30 Ultra 33 W) isn’t opperating at it’s full capacity. My lightburn recognizes it and controls it but it has it set at the max capapcity as my old Laser Master Pro 2 seetings max. The old one was a 5 Watt. how do I set it up for the new more powerful laser?

There is nothing you must do as such to get the max off your module

  • Confirm your GRBL controller is the GRBL and not GRBL -m3
  • Confirm in edit → device settings: that your Svalue max is 1000
  • in console, type $$ and then check $30 $31 and $32 should be 0 1000 1 respectivly

if that does not change things for the better, verify you are in mm/min and if your glass optics are clean

Does the G Code automatically change? I am swapping from one laser to another and they are not the same in Watts. I figured since I am going up in Watts that my product that I engrave would be fater and better. And a lot more at a time considering I am upgrading to a 600 mm x 600 mm. I have gone in and erased the device settings and plugged in new machine as if it was the first time hooking up a machine to the computer and I don’t know if the computer will make the adjustments. The last laser was set to make what was a 100 percent at its level. Now that I have more watts going out, will the machine still go at a 100 percent but at the level of the first laser and not 100 percent at the new laser.?

Gcode is oblivious to what module you have
If you say 50% in settings it will record a S500 Svalue, which is 50% of whateever “tool” you have atttached to the machine. can be a spindel or a 5W laser or a 40W laser.
So in that regard Gcode does not change because its set in relative % of power.

So ifyou had 100% power on your old projects, load them and dont adjust the power, new module will burn at 100% of its power, which will be more
You will have to change your lightburn project settings not the machine

Importing: When I import graphics or text from old projects to the new version and new laser, does Lightburn automatically change? I did delete the old preferences and reinstalled the new version of Lightburn and reconnected the new machine. Does Lightburn now the difference of the old prefs and I suppose the new prefs? What I mean is, the old projects are set to the prefs for the old machine and not the new one. If I import and old project will Lightburn burn to the old prefs that the project was first made or do I have to manually change the prefs for the new one because going from a 5 watt to a 33 watt is quite a jump.

Old projects will not be aware of new settings

If you had … example
5000mm/min 100% power for 5W
and open it with 33W
it will still be same power and speed
So you got to adjust the power/Speeds for new powerouput of your module

I understand what you mean by the transfer from 5W to 33W but I want to know how I can change the speed because it’s got more power. Example: I engrave 16 postcards in 5 hours 20 speed at 100 percent. Now I have a lot more space and can engrave 25 . How can I do the same but with more power and speed? Does Lightburn know the difference?

Lightburn does not know the difference
Is not linear
Just because you have 6x more power does not mean you can move 6x faster

Honestly you need to run a few tests, and evaluate
But i am certain you can triple the speed at least and maintain the same power levels

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ok, I will give it a shot. Thank you for responding so quickly.

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How do I set up Dynamic Power vs Constant Power? According to a site that I visited it told me something about GRBL. If Lightburn and my Sculpfun s30 Ultra is already synced then how do I undo it? The site mentioned that if I don’t see the new option for Dynamic Power that GRBL is an old version?

Modern diode lasers should be already set to $32=1
M4 mode

$$ in console and check your $32 reading
If set to $32=1

check Edit → device settings if your Svalue max is 1000
If so, you are set

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