Setting up Ruida 6445 controller from CloudRay. Need help with RT-Link

I am normally very good at being able to wire up electronics. I am finding the lack of information frustrating. The current issue I have is that I recently purchased the 6445 controller and an 80w power supply from CloudRay. Both have RT-Link. I have wired up the connectors according to the diagram provided on their eBay auction. When I power on the controller I don’t see any display change at the bottom of the screen. Has anyone hook up this system before and was successful? If so is there something I am missing?

I would also like to know if I still need to hook up the other terminal to control the firing of the laser tube or if is all done through the RT-Link?


RT-Link only provides the laser data for the Ruida controller display. It feeds back tube voltage, control voltage, and tube current. You still need to hook up all the other controls, Laser enable, PWM in, water protection signal.

Thanks Joel. That is what I was thinking.


@Mc2. I saw that you are working from an e-Bay reference

Maybe this link will help you out better for your Ruida 6445 reference



Thanks for the reply. This manual is part of the problem. It is the correct controller however it is an older manual. The RT-Link is not even pictured on it. I am beginning to think they have not updated the firmware yet? I do have an external display for the power supply and it work fine. I just rather it work with the controller.

thanks, Jim.

This might come in handy as well…

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