Setting up skr 1.3 with diode laser (smoothieware)

Hi there,

I have a skr 1.3 running smoothieware and I wanted to double check that I am not going to blow up my laser module by wiring it this way:


link to module:
link to cable: (39-4p)

also if anyone has any info on how to configure this within smoothiware that would be great!

I doubt that you need two wires to ground… the black wire should only need a single common ground.

You laser link states it’s draws 80W, so that is about 6.6 or 7A of power… most of these boards will not be able to source that kind of current… Check to see if you are within the boards current limit.

It didn’t specify and neither did you, so I assume it’s the 80W model not the 40W. If it’s 40W you may be able, but I would check to ensure it’s ok…

Many of these have an external board that you wire to the controller and then to the laser module. All these do is allow an external higher current power supply to plug into an existing system.

This is one of my dpssl lasers. You can see the external board in the right photo at the bottom right.

It’s an as new to what it looks like now.

I looked at parts of it and there is nowhere it says that the connection you are using for pwm laser control is for that purpose, but looking at the sd card configuration is implies that it may be…

Didn’t read it in detail, only skimmed it, but there is little references to lasers directly.

Do you have a link to the documentation you used to wire and set this up for a laser?

The cable has only three wires… you can look at it and follow it to the destination. Worst case is you will have to move the connection within the connector around… it’s not tough as most of these are designed to be removable.

  1. check current rating of the controller
  2. one ground line to the controller
  3. check to ensure that is the pwm output…

Good luck.


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