Setting up start TC and similar settings but having alignment issues

I am trying to get the start TC, laser off TC and similar settings but the laser seems to have alignment issues. I tried to redo the COR file to see if it was a lens distortion issue but the new COR file made no difference. I use a 110mm Lens on a fiber laser. The burn should be at the level but the bottom line always seems to be on the box line while the top line always seem to be a bit off. The image i have attached is at -50 setting for Start TC. What can i do to have it align and work?

You need to determine which way the line is being drawn you are looking at… one is on the other off tc…

You can determine this with preview.

Have you watched the laser everything on this?


I see, I will give that a shot and see if that makes a difference. Yes I watched that video and based it on that. I was confused because of that, thinking the laser would burn the same way but your response makes sense. I am still fairly new to laser and thus the help is very much appreciated.

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